Courses & Workshops

Northern Realist offers a range of courses in realist drawing based on classical principles. Check the categories below to find the course and format which suits you best. The approach is consistent across all the courses so what you learn in one will benefit you on others. The groups are always small enough for you to work at your own level so over multiple courses you can progress, each time pushing your own skills within a mixed ability group.

You can work in a variety of media, if you’re just starting out it’s recommended to push your drawing skills, usually in charcoal. This means you can learn the essential principles without the added complication of using paint. As you develop you’ll be introduced to paint, first in monochrome and then full colour.

Portrait Courses & Workshops

Portrait course at Northern Realist, students working on charcoal portrait from a model

Figure Drawing & Painting Workshops

Charcoal Figure Study by Christopher Clements
Reclining Female Figure Drawing by Christopher Clements 2014, 55x75cm Charcoal & Chalk on Paper

Classical Atelier Techniques

Sight size Cast Drawing at Northern Realist, Manchester
Cast Drawing in progress on the Classical Atelier Course

Plein Air Landscape & Cityscape Workshops

Cityscape Painting of Manchester Ship Canal by Christopher Clements
Old Manchester Dock by Christopher Clements 2015, Oil on Canvas, 30x48cm