Life Drawing, Manchester. Northern Realist

Improve your observational drawing skills by learning to draw the most demanding subject matter.

Working from the figure is among the most demanding drawing exercises and has been central to artistic education for a long time. There are many elements to juggle when creating a convincing figure study. Designing a graceful gesture, getting the proportions right and interpreting the anatomy all demand your full attention. To break down the challenges we’re offering various length workshops dealing with the fundamentals of drawing and painting the figure from life.

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3 Day Figure Painting Course

Next Course: 25th-27th October 2017

This is a perfect introduction to figure painting. Working with paint right from the start you’ll learn how to crete wash drawings, monochrome and colour paintings.

Weekend Figure Workshops

Next Workshop TBC

Northern Realist runs various two day workshops dealing with different aspects of figure drawing and painting. You don’t have to do them in order but the set provides a comprehensive introduction to working from the figure.

5 Day Figure Drawing & Painting Course

Next Workshop TBC

The 5 Day course combines the weekend figure workshops into one intensive course. You’ll start with three days of drawing covering the essential gestural and tonal principles. On the last two days you’ll learn how to apply these principles to working n monochrome then colour painting.