Weekend Life Drawing Courses

The Life Drawing Fundamentals workshops taught by Christopher Clements are intended to help you master the basics of drawing the figure efficiently. If you want to get more out of life drawing sessions then these courses are for you.

Knowing how to draw the figure is an invaluable discipline. The clear approach on this course will give you the ability to pick out the key information needed to efficiently draw the figure. This leaves you free to concentrate on your artistic intentions.

Each stage of the approach feeds into the next helping you make informed decisions. As your drawings progress you will refine the placement, proportions and tonal values to create accurate but creative renderings of the human form.

The Workshops work well in order but can equally be done separately depending on what you want to focus on.

Life Drawing Fundamentals 1 – Gesture, Proportion & Line

On Life Drawing Fundamentals 1 you will learn how to quickly and efficiently capture essence of the gesture in your drawings while maintaining good proportions.

Life Drawing Fundamentals 2: Mass, Tone & Chiaroscuro

Life Drawing Fundamentals 2 deals with representing form in your drawings using tone to create chiaroscuro.