Life Drawing Fundamentals 2: Mass, Tone & Chiaroscuro

Figure Study by Christopher Clements
Reclining Female Figure Drawing by Christopher Clements 2014, 55x75cm Charcoal & Chalk on Paper

Life Drawing Fundamentals 2 deals with creating form in your drawings using different tone to create chiaroscuro.

Chiaroscuro means using light and shadow to create a strong design. Using charcoal in this manner is a traditional method used to teach painting concepts without the added complication of handling paint. If you want to paint the figure understanding tone is essential and this workshop with Christopher Clements will teach you all about the foundations you’ll need.

The workshop Starts out with the flow through and gesture lines technique covered in the Fundamentals 1 workshop. You will then look at light and shadow design as well as half tone to represent general form. This gives you a context to render the smaller forms and finally the texture and detail. you’ll cover:

  • Blocking in light and shadow using chiaroscuro
  • Use of a 9 value tonal scale
  • Techniques for using a mid tone background
  • Using half-tone to create form

Throughout the course you’ll work with different length poses to get practice using the principles covered. You’ll also try various drawing exercises designed to improve your observational drawing.

Essential info & Booking

  • Course Length: 2 days
  • Dates: TBC
  • Hours: 09;45 – 16;30
  • Location: Northern Realist Studio – Map
  • Materials: Charcoal (Use contact form to request list)
  • Price: £135
  • Booking: Use contact form on right or contact page (Please state which course you’re interested in)