Life Drawing Masterclass 2: Mass, Tone & Chiaroscuro

11th/12th January 2020 – Book Now

Seated Figure Drawing in charcoal and chalk by Christopher Clements
Seated Figure Drawing in charcoal and chalk by Christopher Clements

Life Drawing Masterclass 2  – Book Now

This course will help you create convincing figure drawings with a solid sense of form using light and shade, traditionally known as chiaroscuro.

Chiaroscuro involves contrasting light and shadow to create a strong composition. This will give your work drama and provides a framework to render form convincingly. To represent form it is essential to understand tonal value. Not only will this help your drawing, it is a core principle for realist painting. It is essential knowledge if you want to keep your work looking clean and unified.

Course Overview

The workshop begins with gesture and proportion exercises designed to give you a simple but effective approach to understanding the pose. You will then look at light and shadow design followed by half tone to represent the key masses making up the figure. This gives you a context to render the smaller forms and finally the texture, detail and edge quality.

  • Gesture, structure and proportion
  • Blocking in light and shadow using chiaroscuro
  • How to use tonal value families to represent form
  • Rendering texture and detail
  • Lost and found edges

By the end of the course you will have learned an approach which will help give your life drawing a convincing sense of form.

Throughout the course you’ll work with different length poses to reinforce the principles covered. You’ll also try various drawing exercises designed to improve your observational drawing skills.

If you goal is to paint, understanding tone is essential and this workshop will help you on that path.

Essential info & Booking

Price: £160 Reserve your place with a £40 deposit on Eventbrite – the remainder will be invoiced before the course begins

Dates: 11th/12th January 2020 Book Now

Hours: 09;45 – 16:30

Location: Northern Realist Studio – Map

Materials: Charcoal (Use contact form to request list)

Booking: Use contact form on right or contact page (Please state which course you’re interested in)