Grisaille Portrait Workshop

22nd/23rd February 2020 – Book Now

Grisaille portrait study of Hannah by Christopher Clements

Learn to paint Grisaille portrait studies from life while developing your understanding of tonal principles and handling of oil paint.

A Grisaille is a painting executed entirely in shades of grey, therefore an ideal transition from drawing to painting. By working with only one colour you can focus on learning to handle paint while applying the tonal principles necessary to represent form convincingly.

Grisaille portraits are very attractive in their own right but can also be used an underpainting for colour work as was often the case in Old Master Paintings.

If you’re new to painting this workshop will get you started in a controlled way. If you have more experience with paint you’ll find this method of working will reinforce your understanding of tone and form while giving you a perfect foundation for glazing techniques.

Grisaille Portrait Workshop Overview

This workshop with Christopher Clements will show you how to paint a grisaille portrait study from life. The tonal principles and paint handling you’ll learn will give your portrait painting a solid foundation.

You’ll start by painting a 9 step tonal scale in which can be divided up into value families of shadow, light and halftone. A clear understanding of these distinctions will help you keep your paintings clear and convincing. All the while you’ll learn how to handle oil paint to best effect, keeping you in control of your work.

Following on from the tonal exercises you’ll learn about the gesture and structure of the head, looking at orientation and construction methods as well as compositional principles.

Finally you’ll put all this into practice as you work up a finished grisaille portrait study from life. You’ll be introduced to an approach which helps you concentrate on one concept at a time. This provides you with a framework to greatly increase the efficiency of your work and enable you to pace your painting according to the time you have available.

During the workshop you’ll look at how to handle paint, mediums and brushes to best effect at each stage of the painting.

  • Bridge the gap between drawing & painting
  • Develop your understanding of tone & form
  • Push your ability to paint from life
  • Learn how to create a strong foundation for colour
  • Expand your oil painting technique

By the end of the workshop you’ll be familiar with how to create a grisaille portrait study from life. You’ll have a better understanding of tonal principles and will have learnt a technique which can be used as a great foundation for colour painting. If you’re new to painting the approach will help you bridge the gap between drawing and painting.

The class is limited to 7 students meaning you can work towards your own personal goals whether you’re looking to learn fundamental principles or push your skills from a more advanced position.

Grisaille Portrait Workshop Booking

22nd/23rd February 2020 Book Now

Price :£160 – Click links above to reserve your place with £40 deposit on Eventbrite

Location: Northern Realist Studio, AWOL Studios, Manchester –  Map

Materials: Monochrome Oil Paint

Course Length: 12 Hours over 2 Days

Hours: 09:45-16:30

More info: email or use the contact form