Classical Life Drawing Course

30th March – 3rd April 2020 – Postponed Due to Covid-19

Charcoal Figure Study by Christopher Clements
Charcoal Figure Study by Christopher Clements

Learn the principles of classical drawing and how to apply them working from life.

To study music we must learn the rules. To create music, we must break them’ – Nadia Boulanger.

If you want to break rules intelligently you need to know what they are, what they’re for, how they can help and when to break them for good reason. This understanding allows you to express yourself intelligently without reinventing the wheel.

On this 5 day course you’ll split your time between making a charcoal study of a classical ‘Bargue’ lithograph and producing a classical figure drawing from life.

This approach is used in classical ateliers because it allows you to understand essential drawing principles in theory and then see how to apply them in reality.

Drawing the figure from life is demanding and  so a clear understanding of what you’re trying to achieve is essential. This course will help you make good decisions in your own drawing and help you approach complicated subjects. Once you have a grasp of these principles you’re free to take them in whatever direction you like.

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Why is Classical Drawing relevant today?

There are two fundamental challenges when working from life, whatever your subject matter.  Firstly you must represent three dimensions on a two dimensional surface. Secondly you must decide what is important and which aspects to focus on so that detail doesn’t overwhelm the general depiction of the subject.

Bargue’s lithographs were designed to address both challenges. By copying them you train your eye to see the correct relationships between shape and tonal value which underpin realist drawing and painting.

By applying these concepts while working from a model you learn how to interpret the theory in a real situation and create strong, believable drawings.

The human figure is one of the most demanding subjects to draw and the lesson you learn are transferable to any drawing and painting situation.

Classical Drawing Course Overview

In the mornings you’ll work on charcoal copy of a Charles Bargue Lithograph. These are taken from a drawing course created in the 19th Century, designed to train art students in the principles of classical drawing. The course is widely used today in atelier training because it allows students to learn various drawing principles a controlled way.

In the afternoon you’ll apply these principles as you create a figure drawing from life, building it up using the same approach which you’ll learn from the Bargue copy.

Each morning you’ll study successive concepts as you produce your own  drawing study from a Bargue lithograph copy. In the afternoon you’ll apply these lessons on long figure pose. You’ll develop the drawing through out the week, seeing how the theory translates into reality.

Classical Drawing Course Outcome

Through producing a Bargue drawing copy and a figure drawing from life you’ll become familiar with the Classical Drawing approach and how the theory translates into reality. You’ll develop your observational drawing skills and ability to recognise and prioritise the key information necessary to create strong well observed drawings..

Essential Info & Booking

Dates: Postponed due to Covid-19

Course Length: 30 Hours over 5 Days

Hours: 09:45-16:30

Location: Northern Realist Studio, Manchester –  Map

Materials, Charcoal (Can be provided) – Use Contact form to request lists

Price : £350 Booking: Reserve your place on Eventbrite