Limited Palette Colour Mixing

An introduction to the Zorn Palette

Online Painting Workshop | 24th August 2021 | 18:30-21:00

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Limited Palette Colour Mixing

This workshop will introduce you to mixing colour using a palette consisting of just red, yellow and black mixed with white.

This palette is sometimes known as the ‘Zorn’ Palette after the 19th Century Swedish painter known for the incredible range and unity he achieved using very few colours.

Introducing colour in this limited way will help you understand the basic ingredients of a colour palette and the role of each colour.

The class is limited to 8 students so that everyone gets plenty of individual feedback.

Course Outline

You will first learn to mix the secondary colours using the palette before looking at how to event their tonal value and neutralise them to make the more subtle hues you’ll use most often.

Subtle control of colour is essential for rendering realistic skin tones while keeping colour clean and vibrant. Knowing the role of each pigment allows you to vary the colours and design your own palette to achieve the creative effects you want.

You will also learn to organise the paint on your palette and ‘tune’ it to keep the colour in your paintings unified. This will save you time while you’re working, an essential skill when working from life.

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What you’ll learn

  • The fundamentals of mixing colour
  • The role of each colour
  • How to mix secondary colours
  • How to neutralise colour
  • How to organise your palette

Whether you’re looking to learn fundamental principles or brush up existing skills the workshop will have plenty to offer.

How it Works

The workshop will be done using Zoom, you’ll be emailed a reference photo and a link to the session after booking via Eventbrite.

You’ll need an internet connection, webcam and the following materials:

  • One piece of primed canvas or canvas paper
  • 2 Medium Bristle Brushes
  • 1 House painting brush
  • Turpentine, Odourless Mineral Spirits, Sansodor, Zest it or similar
  • Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
  • Painting Palette
  • Dipping Cup
  • Titanium White Oil Paint
  • Ivory Black or Blue Black Oil Paint
  • Yellow Ochre Oil Paint
  • Cadmium Red or Cadmium Red Hue Oil Paint
  • Rags and Kitchen Roll
  • A pencil

Essential Info & Booking

  • Date: Tuesday 24th August 2020 |  18:30 – 21:00
  • Location: Online
  • Price :£29
  • Book via Eventbrite

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