Drawing the Head – Online Course

Tuesday Evenings, 17th Jan – 21st Feb 2023

Northern Realist Drawing the Head Course, head study by Christopher Clements

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Learn to draw accurate head studies with confidence for portraits, life drawings and sketching. 

What you’ll learn

On this course with Christopher Clements you’ll learn an approach to drawing head studies in an organised way. You’ll be shown how to focus on one thing at a time, each decision informing the next. This will help you build up drawings in layers, adding detail as you become more confident about the big picture.

What you’ll learn will be perfectly suited to making stand alone portrait sketches, studies for studio portraits or developing your life drawing skills.

If you’re new to Northern Realist this course is the best one to start with because it covers the drawing techniques used throughout all the portrait courses. It’s also a great refresher course if you’ve studied with Northern Realist previously.

Course Overview

Christopher will begin the sessions with an explanation and demonstration of the principles to be covered. You’ll then work on your own drawings using reference images sent to you, getting plenty of personal feedback as you progress. 

Each week you’ll focus on a different aspect of drawing the head, building on the previous class. In the final week you’ll bring everything together in a finished drawing.

  • Week 1: Proportion and orientation
  • Week 2: Structure and planes of the head
  • Week 3: Light, shadow and mid tone
  • Week 4: Drawing eyes
  • Week 5: Drawing the nose and mouth
  • Week 6: Finished portrait study

By the end of the course you’ll be familiar with principles required to drawing convincing head studies and will have developed your portrait drawing technique.

Is this course for me?

This course perfect for beginners as we’ll cover all the basic drawing principles you need to know. If you’re more experienced it will offer you chance to try a different approach and develop your existing skills.

If your aim is to paint portraits, the course will help you focus on the fundamental drawing skills necessary to give your paintings a strong foundation.

If you struggle with the head in your life drawing the course will help you take your drawings to the next level.

Numbers are limited giving you plenty of personal feedback and helping you work towards your own personal goals. Whether you’re looking to learn core principles or push your skills from a more advanced position the course will have plenty to offer.


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How The Course Works and What You’ll Need

The workshop will be done using Zoom, you will be emailed a reference image after booking and an invitation to each session half an hour before the class begins.

Bookings are made by paying a  £40 deposit via Eventbrite, you will then be invoiced for the remaining balance.

You’ll need an internet connection and webcam and the following materials:

  • Newsprint paper
  • Smooth Drawing paper (Strathmore Bristol or similar)
  • Willow charcoal
  • Conte Pierre Noire or similar carbon or charcoal pencils
  • Putty Rubber
  • Soft eraser
  • Craft Knife
  • Sanding Block
  • Kitched Roll
  • Paper Stumps


Essential Info & Booking

  • Price :£180
  • Dates:  17th January – 21st February 2023
  • Time: 19:00-21:30
  • Location: Online via Zoom


Booking: Reserve your place with a £40 deposit paid via Eventbrite. The remainder will be invoiced directly and is due two weeks before the course begins. Follow the Book Now links to Eventbrite to reserve your place 

Questions: email info@northernrealist.com


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What’s the refund policy?

  • No deposit refunds unless the course is cancelled, 
  • The invoiced remainder can be refunded up to 2 weeks in advance.
  • Full refund including deposit if the course is cancelled